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Why Bend-It?

Annoyed at how expensive $160 a pop official matchballs are? Tried replica soccer balls and found their performance disappointing? At Bend-It Soccer we get it; that’s why we jump out of bed every day on a mission to manufacture affordable premium matchballs that are one-third of the price of the leading brands. Buy our Curl-It Pro official matchball and see for yourself why Bend-It Soccer, along with only three other brands, made this year’s top 10 rated best soccer ball brands worldwide on

Don’t confuse effort with results; thousands of ballers strive for greatness in the beautiful game, yet statistically very few make it. Soccer is a game of inches; the difference between scoring and missing, between turning pro or not, between receiving a no-ride tuition and a full scholarship, is a very thin line.

Bend-It Soccer is the only patented and registered soccer football brand that exclusively manufactures VRC Curl-It Pro soccer ball design technology. You will see the logic behind our curveball whirlpool design when kicking with the inside of your foot. Our VRC (Visual Response Color) technology features our high-visibility, easy-to-track curveball range of whirlpool designs, plus curveball panel construction designs. We manufacture our exclusive Curl-It Pro matchballs specifically to enhance visual tracking of ball rotation movement against any background through the air, to help you see—and, as a result, perfect—the bend it like Beckham curler kicking technique.

Also, our one-of-a-kind VPM (Valve Position Marker) technology shows you the precise foot placement—the sweet-spot position—on our Curl-It Pro matchball. Contacting our high-performance valve, the hardest part of our Curl-It Pro ball, ensures that you maximize power and rebound when taking free kicks, place kicks, penalties or corners during matchplay.

If you want to start kicking free kicks & set-pieces like a pro, you need to start practicing with professional soccer balls—it’s as simple as that.

Thank you for playing the beautiful game with us; we are both grateful and excited that you found us! As a family-run business, we are committed to producing the highest-quality, most affordable matchballs available on the market. So click 'Add To Cart' to begin your no-questions-asked replacement satisfaction guarantee. Plus all our matchballs ship inflated in an eco-friendly box, so order now!

  • Size 5

  • Weight: 422 grams (FIFA standard is 420 - 445 grams)

  • Thermally bonded is the highest construction possible for premium matchballs because it creates the tightest seams and most spherical shape possible. Our expertly crafted panel seams are thermally fused (glued), and will last longer than the cheaper-to-manufacture machine-stitched replica balls or hand-sewn balls most commonly found at sports stores.

  • 100% PU (polyurethane) wet prismatic latex gripping textured leather with 4 layers of inner lining to increase ball control onto the foot and better grip into the keeper’s hand.

  • Retain air for months due to our high-performance, high bounce butyl bladder, whereas our competitors’ carbon latex or natural latex bladders lose air and require constant inflation. However, in terms of rebound performance our butyl bladders hold air 10 times longer than any other FIFA official matchball bladder we have ever tested.

  • Unique 12-panel construction. Most leading brands still manufacture 32-panel balls. You’ll never find 32-panel Bend-It balls. Less is more; the fewer the panels, the greater the Magnus Effect, and as a result the more exciting a ball is to kick with regards to the movement you put on it as it moves through the air.

  • Meets FIFANFHS and NCAA regulations on shape, circumference, size, weight, rebound and water absorption uptake.

  • Meets International Matchball Standard (IMS) regulations.

  • Our matchballs ship inflated and ready to kick in an eco-friendly shipping box.

  • All Bend-It balls are Fair Trade with no child labor used in our Global Sources-verified manufacturing plants.

  • Clean and dry your ball with a damp cloth after use to keep it in top shape

  • Dirt fades colors; use mild soap or a synthetic leather cleaner to remove dirt, grit or stains

  • Do not use detergents to clean as this may adversely affect the seams between the glued panels

  • Do not spray with a high-pressure water spray, as water may penetrate the ball

  • Do not play with a wet ball during freezing temperatures. Water on the ball in freezing conditions can cause injuries

  • Heat will reduce your soccer ball’s durability so do not leave it in your trunk

  • Cold will reduce your soccer ball’s durability so do not leave it in your garden overnight

  • Do not play on gravel, asphalt, concrete or rocky surfaces as they will cut the outer cover of your ball and cause excessive abrasion and premature wear and tear

  • Our PU matchballs are designed for natural grass fields. Futsal balls with PVC low-bounce technology are best for astro turf and indoor artificial fields, not official matchballs with PU texture. Playing with PU textured Bend-It matchballs on artificial fields will shorten their longevity compared to natural outdoor grass fields

  • Do not sit or stand on your ball as your weight can warp it out of shape, causing it to wobble when kicked

  • Do not kick soccer balls excessively against hard walls

  • Check the pressure frequently to make sure your ball is properly inflated. Bend-It sell a high-quality pump with a pressure guage for accurate inflation

  • Keep a supply of inflation needles. All Bend-inflation pumps come with 5 inflation needles

  • Place a few drops of silicone oil, silicone lubricant spray or glycerin oil in the valve for ease of needle insertion, better air retention and improved life of the valve

  • For kids under 10 inflate to no more than 8.5 psi for a soft-touch feel

  • For kids 10-14 inflate to between 8.7 psi and 10.7 psi

  • For kids over 14 and adults inflate from 11.5 psi upwards

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