We are a soccer ball technology company dedicated to helping soccer players who truly love the beautiful game learn how to kick better.

Using the same material as in the professional leagues, we offer matchball quality at a fraction of the cost—with the added benefits of patented VPM and VRC technology.

To maximize your kicking power when taking free kicks, penalties or corners, it’s important to kick the valve, the hardest part of the ball. With this in mind, we have developed cutting-edge VPM (Valve Position Marker) technology that shows you precise foot placement—the "sweet-spot" position—on the ball.

Coupled with this, our VRC (Visual Response Color) technology features revolutionary whirlpool designs that help you see the ball bend, move and rotate against any background through the air, so you can clearly see your kicking improve—100% guaranteed!

Our range of vibrant, functional designs helps you perfect three distinct kicking techniques: those of iconic soccer player David Beckham, Brazilian soccer legend Roberto Carlos, and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Our philosophy is simple: practice kicking with our professional-quality soccer balls featuring the revolutionary combination of VPM and VRC technology, and you will clearly see your kicking improve—100% guaranteed!