We launched BEND-IT® to help soccer players improve their kicking technique and we can do that for you.

Using the same material as in the professional leagues, we offer match ball quality at a fraction of the cost—with the added benefits of our patented VPM™ and VRC™ technology.

To maximize your kicking power when taking free kicks, penalties or corners, it’s important to kick the valve, the hardest part of the ball. With this in mind, we developed cutting-edge VPM™ (Valve Position Marker™) technology that shows you the precise foot placement—the “sweet-spot” position—on the ball.

Coupled with this, our revolutionary VRC™ (Visual Response Color™) technology features whirlpool designs that help you see the ball bend, move and rotate against any background through the air, so you can clearly see your kicking improve—100% guaranteed!

If you want to start kicking like a pro, you need to start practicing with professional-quality soccer balls—it’s as simple as that

Our story begins as nothing more than my dad and I playing soccer at the park. As a cinematographer, my dad loves his job, but his greatest passion is helping us fulfill our dreams. l love soccer so I do everything I can to improve. My name is Ilan, and my journey began when—as an 8-year-old—I started watching every David Beckham video out there. I was determined to bend it like Beckham into the net, and my dad was with me every step of the way!
Ilan, CEO of BEND-IT®, with the one-and-only David Beckham

Using his ultra-slow-motion high-definition cameras, my dad began videoing all my kicking sessions. During our analysis, we discovered that traditional soccer balls are not easy to see bend, move and rotate through the air—making it difficult for us to see how much my kicking was improving.

We became obsessed with finding soccer balls that would help us better see and analyze the amount of spin my kicks generated. After tucking me into bed, my dad began contacting foreign soccer ball manufacturers, substituting late-night TV for Skype calls and Google Translate, because foreign manufacturers begin work at the time he once went to bed!

Fast-forward to forty soccer ball samples from several countries later and our frustration grew. We could not find soccer balls designed to help us clearly see my kicking improve. It became clear to our family that soccer balls with the designs we had in mind did not exist and our “aha” moment compelled us to launch our family business. We call our story BEND-IT®, a befitting name for a brand of premium match balls inspired by soccer legend David Beckham.

My room quickly became the sound studio, my parents' room the display showroom, our living room an office, and our dining room table the canvas on which graphic designers transformed mere ideas into revolutionary soccer ball designs.

Having methodically analyzed footage of the greatest kickers, we created soccer balls with custom designs to help you see and perfect three distinct kicking techniques:

Our five variations of the Curl-It Pro whirlpool custom design pay homage to David Beckham, the player who taught the world how to bend it into the net.

Our three variations of the Reverse-Curl-It Pro reverse-whirlpool custom design pay homage to Brazilian soccer legend Roberto Carlos, whose famous 1997 reverse-curler free kick against France is considered the greatest free kick of all time.

Our two variations of the Knuckle-It Pro custom design pay homage to Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, the player who brought the explosive knuckle-balling technique to soccer.

We also encourage you to watch our kicking tutorials.

Our products make wonderful gifts for family and friends who, like me, truly love the beautiful game and want to improve their kicking.

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