Knuckle-It Pro Match Ball Variations

Looking for a new Size 5 thermally bonded matchball that will stand out from the crowd and help you improve your game? As a dead-ball specialist you’ll love hitting bangers during free kick taking & set-piece play with any of the matchballs in our newly updated Knuckle-It Pro Series.

See the logic in our high-vis soccer ball’s graphic design called VRC™ (Visual Response Color) technology, to enhance visual tracking of knuckleball movement through the air, so you can perfect the knuckleball technique. Our ball’s textured PU surface provides superb grip and unrivaled rebound performance “pop” when kicked.

Our exclusive VPM (Valve Position Marker) technology shows you the precise foot placement—the “sweet-spot” position—on the ball, to help you generate additional pop off the ball with more explosive knuckle movement.

Come on—you know you want one!

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